Property Damage: We Can Help


Property Damage, Fire, Storm, Flood and Disaster Attorneys

Parr Richey attorneys represent business owners and homeowners in property damage claims.  Whether your business or home was damaged by fire, flood, wind, lightning, tornado, mining subsistence or other damage, Parr Richey has the skill and experience to represent you against persons who cause damage and against all insurance companies in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and throughout the United States.  Whether your claim requires expert cause and origin investigation or is simply an insurance policy dispute with your carrier, we will pursue property damage and personal injury claims.

We will bring to bear on your claim our decades of experience as trial lawyers to recover against insurance companies for appraisal rights, breach of insurance policies, bad faith and injuries.  We also will make claims against your insurance agent for failing to obtain enough coverage (or the correct coverage) for you.  We practice in:

•    Property Damage Assessment and Appraisal
•    Building and Dwelling Damages
•    Personal Property Damages
•    Additional Living Expenses and Rent Payments
•    Business Interruption and Payroll Coverage
•    Business Value
•    Loss of Use of Property
•    Accurate Determination of Repair Costs
•    Policy Disputes
•    Explosion, Fire, Tornado, Severe Storm, and Flood Investigations
•    Arson and Fraud Investigations
•    Products Causing Fire (Products Liability)
•    Defective Products
•    Personal Injuries
•    Insurance Agent Mistakes, Errors and Omissions and Liability

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